knitting slippers

Because I was craving something warm for my feet, I made a January resolution to do more knitting. I spent time browsing slipper patterns on Ravelry & found a link to this pattern.  Simple.  Easy.  Love it.


The pattern calls for decorative buttons which sent me trawling through my button collection where I unearthed two small ceramic buttons made by Laura Sheppard.  This is a perfect use for beautiful buttons. (you can find Laura's etsy shop here.)

I knit the blue slippers from stash yarn, but what I really wanted was a pair in red.  Note: kitty photo-bomb.

And here is the photo I had intended to take.  This Malabrigo superwash is as soft as cashmere, and after this pair is done, I think I might knit an oversize pair (from non-superwash) to try felting them...

All this talk of knitting and slippers leads me to confess that what I'm really working towards is trying a pattern from this gorgeous book by Katie Startzman.

The designs in the book are fun & unique, and if you scroll to the end of this blog post, you will find a book-trailer which will make you smile.

Do you knit?  What are you working on right now?

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  1. Absolutely wonderful film clip. Love your slippers. I'm working on wrist warmers currently.... they are very simple indeed and I'll be needing them as we are heading into autumn down here in Tasmania.


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