Inspired by the fun photos on Salley Mavor's blog documenting her progress on the updated edition of her gorgeous book Felt Wee Folk, I would like to share with you this lovely photo I took a short time ago.

Okay.  So it's not really a lovely photo, nor does it document any progress I made on my new book.  Actually, what this photo demonstrates is that I have a talent for mutilating peg dolls. All in the name of art, right?  Right.

The other thing worth noting here is my beautiful set of bright yellow vice jaw pads. These vice jaw pads are great, and you will think so, if you would like to drill holes in peg dolls, too!  Seriously.  Before I had these vice pads, my dolls suffered dents and damage every time they took a trip to the work bench. It's still potentially perilous for the dolls whenever there's a power drill in my hand, but at least they are not dented (just impaled.)

I hope all the peg dolls at your house are safe and sound.  The peg dolls at my house are... well... I'm not sure where they are right now.  They are hiding from me.


  1. Those vice pads look very helpful. Thanks for the mention and link!

  2. A small sacrifice in the name of art!


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