Music by Which to Paint Peg Dolls

The soundtrack behind my first book was Leave Your Sleep by Natalie Merchant, It's a Big World by Renee and Jeremy, anything by Jolie Holland, plus, weather permitting, some Yann Tiersen.  This is what I was listening to while I worked on that book.

These days, while working on the second book, I'm still listening to a lot of Jolie Holland. And since my older son has started taking cello lessons (my old cello has emerged so I can play along while he practices) we are listening to a lot of this.  However, I am searching for some new music by which to paint peg dolls... Help!!

What music would you recommend while painting peg dolls (and whilst stitching and sewing and typing away on the computer?)


  1. I love to listen to music while I craft. My favourites include Benjamin Fletcher, Sarah Blasko, Lisa Mitchell, Bob Evans, and Josh Pyke - in that order. That's probably not much help to you though, because they're all Australian artists.

    It's funny how you get used to a certain type of music for particular activities. I have a very loud, boppy taste in music for cleaning, and I listened to Sons of Korah while labouring with both my boys. :)

  2. Goodness, how funny. I just posted this;


    It describes what I listen to while making dolls. Here is the music link here;


    I hope you like it too.



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