Making Peg Dolls: Clothespeg Ladies


Until I started working on my book Making Peg Dolls, I didn't give much thought to the fact that the little wooden doll bases I had been using were directly descended from clothes pegs.

If one saws the legs from a vintage clothespeg (pardon the suggestion of such brutality) one is left with a small, free-standing doll base -- closely akin to the ones I use to create my dolls.  And so, of course, when writing a book on peg dolls, I did not want to neglect mentioning their origins, nor miss the opportunity to include an attractive photo of charming examples.

To create a few charming examples of proper clothespeg dolls, I enlisted the help of Shannon (of the blog Rhythm and Rhyme.)

Not only did Shannon create some sweet little clothespeg ladies, she also composed a number of beautiful photographs.  While Shannon's dolls appear in the book, sadly, we were not able to use the delightful photos she had taken.


These photos, however, are too lovely to keep hidden, and so today, for your viewing pleasure, I have posted them here for you!

P.S.  In the photo with the tea setting, did you notice the little brown cat sewn from wool felt?  Can you believe Shannon stitched that tiny cat?  I was quite sure it had been sewn by the tiny, nimble digits of a ladybug...


  1. Oh. my. goodness. So adorable!!!! My kids have some good ol' fashioned clothespeg dolls that they received from a friend several years ago, and they play with them all of the time. Peg dolls, in all their forms, are such great toys.

    Congrats on your book!

  2. Lovely!! Love the little ballerina on the mirror - so sweet.

  3. so cute! I love that they still have the clothes peg form under their lovely outfits.

  4. So beautiful!! I hope you will come share at Sharing Saturday!!

  5. Shannon's work is lovely. I cannot wait to see the book


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