The Toymaker's Mysterious Math Carnival

Marilyn Scott-Waters (i.e. The Toymaker) has just 8 days left on her Kickstarter Campaign (it ends July 15th.) In her own words, this is what she says about her project to be funded via Kickstarter:

When I was in first grade, my first math workbook had color pictures of cowboys, candy, puppies and toys. I decided that this arithmetic thing was very cool and I couldn't wait for more. The next math book didn't have pictures at all and I remember feeling pretty much cheated. In second grade I got in trouble for illuminating the margins of my math homework. My love affair with numbers waned after that.

My first Kickstarter project is to design a way to make learning and reviewing math actually interesting, beautiful and colorful. If I can help even one kid get better at multiplication or discover something new, then I'll be a happy Toymaker.

The Toymaker's Mysterious Math Carnival will be a printable PDF eBook of ten printable paper toys designed to make learning and reviewing simple math a delight. The addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, division and fractions games will reinforce basic skills in a fun and entertaining way.

 Click here to see The Toymaker's Kickstarter Campaign page and find out more!

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  1. Wow. This looks amazing. I was so disappointed with the twins' first grade math experience, and longed for something less rigid (and dare I say boring?) I can't wait to hunt this down!


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