Into the Hermitage: Rima Staines

Soup & Pipe by Rima Staines
The work of Rima Staines leaves me a bit speechless.  I'll spare you my blitherings & blatherings, and instead send you directly to Rima's blog, The Hermitage, where you can read her own words about her work.

Orla Wren - The Fish And The Doll from Tui on Vimeo.

 Besides Rima's soul-stirring images, there is an animated video by Rima which I wanted to share with you.  Meditative and... magic.

Red Riding Hood's Grandmother by Rima Staines
Rima's work is also available for purchase at her etsy shop here...


  1. thank you for the introduction! i have to agree...i find her work absolutely jaw-dropping wonderful. xx

  2. Wow, so beautiful and magical! Thank you for sharing this with us.


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