Rhythm of the Home: Winter 2011 Edition

Please join me today over at Rhythm of the Home where the Winter 2011 Edition has been launched.

I am honored, once again, that the editors have chosen to include a piece I wrote. For this Winter Edition, I created an article on making a Hardware Store Hannukiah for the celebration of Hanukkah!

 In the dark of winter, we prepare to kindle new light!


  1. Hey! Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins! Peggy! I found that book at our library's sale shop for $.10 *years* ago. The kids have always loved it. (:

  2. so glad you got this article in! I wish I'd pulled it together to submit a hannukah article! Yours is beautiful--a great idea!

  3. So sacred and beautiful, Peggy.

  4. so pretty, i love the learning I get following your year. x


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