Welcome to my Front Porch

A few years ago, around Valentines Day, I was in a shop and noticed a doormat with the biggest, pinkest heart on it.  Not inclined to make an impulse purchase, I passed it by, but could not stop thinking about what a beautiful welcome it would bring to our front door.  Every February after that, I glanced at the seasonal displays in various shops, hoping to spot a stack of big, pink-heart door mats. Then, just last week, I thought to myself, what am I waiting for?

I tromped down to the garage and grabbed this old coir fiber mat...

Cut a template out of newspaper...

Scurried to our local hardware store which sells everything, including bottles of hot-pink fabric paint, and set to work.


Would you like a tour of the rest of the front porch? There are pots of posies and a small wicker settee just out of view...

A baby swing...

Which sometimes contains a baby...

And a tile we picked up in Assisi on our honeymoon.  Tiles like these are cemented above doorways of many houses in Assisi, and so we searched the town for a shop which sold them.  The tile says, "Pace e Bene," (Peace and Goodwill) but we joke that it says, "Peas and Beans..."

And then there is our front door mat... Isn't it nice?  Perfect for greeting guests and a good place for the postman to leave parcels.  Wouldn't you like to have one, too?


  1. what a gorgeous front porch, I am so in love with your red door and new door mat!

  2. A lovely doormat. it made me smile, cheers mare

  3. I want that door. Oh it's so purdy. And the mat is gorgeous. What a clever idea. I love a woman who just gets stuck in!

  4. I have one of those tiles too from Assisi! I was there as an undergrad studying in Austria for the semester in 1998. My little blue and white tile cracked in half during one of our moves, but I still love it and it sits by the window in my office today. Beautiful porch!

  5. So lovely! Our front porch is.. covered in leaves. And sticks that the boys have collected. And.. well.. leaves. (:

  6. I LOVE your front porch, and that door mat is fabulous.
    Such a simple but inspired idea.

  7. I love it, how could you not feel wecomed walking through the door with that mat?

  8. You know it looks red to me Bloom...matches your front door perfectly. Next time I send a package I will be sure to make sure it matches.

  9. I so, so love it! All the better for just getting on and doing it for yourself. I hve the urge to find some red fabric paint now!

  10. I found you on One Pretty Thing and am a new follower! I love this idea!! I think your blog is soooo lovely and full of great things!
    Thank You!!

  11. Really sweet and great with your door, gives a great feeling even before entering your home! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!


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