A wise old owl sat in an oak.
The more he heard, the less he spoke,
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
How I wish to be like that wise old bird...

These little lovelies were inspired by an upcoming Southern Hemisphere Autumn Exchange.

In November I participated in a Southern Hemisphere Summer Season Exchange. While it felt rather topsy-turvy to me, living in the Northern Hemisphere, to dream up summer-time inspiration, I enjoyed getting to know my swap-partner and it was an altogether delightful experience. Katie will be officially opening sign-ups for the Southern Hemisphere Autumn Exchange on March 14. As the date approaches, you will be able to find out more information and contact Katie through her blog here.



  1. i LOVE your owls!! you have a gift with these peg dolls you know. ;)

  2. They are so cute! I'm in the process of trying to come up with some, since I'm participating in your swap, but it's my first time doing any wood peg people ever, and I never would have thought of an owl. They are adorable.

  3. My goodness!! You know what you've done...now you've forced me to make owl peg dolls...between that and St Patrick gnomes, my craft time tomorrow is filled!!!
    Seriously though...how flippin' cute are those??!!!!
    xoxox maureen

  4. Yes, I'm afraid they are ridiculously cute (if I do say so myself!) I think I'm going off the deep-end from all the cuteness around here...

    Seriously though, thank you, one & all, for your kind compliments!


  5. Ooooooooooo I want one of those!

  6. All your peg people are so lovely. They make me smile every time. But I have to say these are my favorite. So, so cute.

  7. Those are easily the most adorable things I've seen in a long time! I love their wee owlishness and want to carry one in my pocket all day long!

  8. I adore these little owls. I was wondering how you made the little hats. Any chance you could describe it? Thanks


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