What We're Reading this Week

In our house the current reading obsession is D'Aulaires Greek Myths -- a book of stories, adapted for children, originally published in the 1960's and, 40+ years later, still in print.

The illustrations are quirky and sweet, done in pastel (or colored pencil?) and the stories have enough action to satisfy any 6 year old boy. Apollo sending a giant scorpion to kill Orion? Artemis turning Actaeon into a stag resulting in death by hunting-dog attack? It's all there. These stories certainly offer an interesting opportunity to talk about acting out of jealousy or anger and taking responsibility for one's own actions...

We rarely buy books (no more room in our vast & crowded bookshelves!) but this hefty tome called out to me from the small used-book shop in the foyer of our local library... $3 well spent.

We've also been reading from Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends. This has resulted in lots of giggling -- esp. over the poem Spaghetti and the poem Boa Constrictor (who knew it would tickle to be nibbled by a hungry boa constrictor?) Then there's the poem Ma and God... A perfect reminder to keep our parenting-priorities in order:

God gave us fingers -- Ma says, "Use your fork."
God gave us voices -- Ma says, "Don't scream."
Ma says eat broccoli, cereal and carrots.
But God gave us tastys for maple ice cream...

...God gave us fingers -- Ma says, "Go wash 'em."
But God gave us coal bins and nice dirty bodies.
And I ain't too smart, but there's one thing for certain --
Either Ma's wrong or else God is.
Are you reading anything wonderful this week?

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