Now, Where did I File that Tapeworm?

It all started a year ago when we replaced the "extra storage cabinet" in our kitchen with this new & more attractive one. The moment we set it in the kitchen I realized those glass doors were not going to hide the clutter of kitchen miscellanea I was busily transferring from the old cabinet to the new... My solution was to house the clutter in a series of tidy storage boxes.

The boxes had little metal frames to display labels hinting at the contents of the boxes. So, I dutifully got to work creating some helpful labels.

Above you can see the result of my endeavors at label making (I take these things very seriously.)

Then I got to work on some older storage boxes tucked into our book shelves...

Now I know where to find those emus!


  1. Would you come and organize my house? Your labels are far more interesting then anything I would come up with AND you seem to know perfectly what things go together in a box. Emus and tattoos... I never knew what to do with mine!

  2. I'd be glad to you give you some helpful hints re: organization... I think I'll next be creating a box for my lost marbles & lost causes, lost senses and lost direction!

  3. I love you silly Toad Eyes. Where do you keep your unicorns, pixie dust and bubble blowers?

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these descriptions! What an amazingly creative cabinet!
    I want one too!

  5. Hi Dawn... I keep my unicorns, pixie dust and bubble blowers in my pocket, of course! (one never knows when one might need a unicorn...) Where do you keep yours?

  6. OOO the Alice in me is desperate to open the little round box!

  7. Just had to come back a visit again, i love this post!


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