Garden Update

Yesterday I went out to the garden to refill the bird feeders. I watched the chickadees darting in and out of their nest box feeding their babies and was feeling sad that I hadn't seen the titmice back in their nest box this year (they've always been my favorite --they don't have a pretty song, but the peaky little tuft on the top of their heads is so funny...) I walked up the hill and stood listening under the box where the titmice nested last year, hoping to hear some peeping. Then, above my head, I heard a scratchy sounding complaint -- an indignant titmouse with a beak full of something delicious. I moved back down the hill and, after eyeing me suspiciously, the little bird darted inside the box. A chorus of demented squeaky-toy sounds welcomed the arrival of mama-bird and food!

And then there are the bearded irises. I've been watching their progress closely and was so glad they were not harmed by the wind and rain we've been having the past few days. They're not quite in full bloom yet, but almost...

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