An Excercise in Faith

I've heard it said that planting bulbs is an exercise in faith -- faith that this small, quiet bulb will sprout and bloom. Faith that, after the dark of winter, spring will arrive again...

It's not easy to look ahead to spring when surrounded by the pumpkins and turkeys of autumn, but every year I'm glad I planted bulbs. This year, instead of sticking with my usual jonquils (to match the naturalized jonquils in our yard), I grabbed a few bulbs of this and a few bulbs of that, tucked them into some pots, stuck some thyme plants on top, set them on the front porch and forgot about them. When these bulbs bloomed, all I could say was, "Wow..."


  1. Are those daffodils?? I love daffodils and those are pretty cute. I say Cowabunga!!

  2. The non-frilly, fried-egg ones are called "geranium narcissus." The frilly one is described as a "double daffodil" and this particular one is named Sir Winston Churchill. I didn't know their names when I bought them -- I grabbed ones which looked pretty in the little photos above the bins. I looked them up on the internet just now to find out their names...


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