Fairy Doors

Last week, Alicia of the blog A Magical Childhood posted about the fairy doors of Ann Arbor. How fortuitous! I thought to myself... Mr. Bloom was flying to Ann Arbor a few days later for a family celebration. Little Mr. and I stayed home, but I asked him to photograph any fairy doors he might see while he was there. The door in the photo above is located at Hathaways Hideaway (where the celebratory party happened to be held...)

Mr. B. was too busy to hunt down any other doors himself, but if you're interested, you can find out more about the fairy doors of Ann Arbor here.

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  1. How cute are these! We have a a fairy tree with a beautiful red wooden door in a tree on the way up into the mountains. It's just by the side of the mountain road and it's so cute! It even has a postbox.


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