Hedgehog Love

A few weeks ago I was talking with some friends about Legos. After complaining about how difficult it is to clean up all the tiny pieces (and how painful it is to accidentally step on the aforementioned tiny pieces) we ended up discussing whether, if we were to buy a set for ourselves, which set we'd like best (and what this said about our hopes, aspirations or fantasy lives -- a little Jungian analysis courtesy of Legos...) I thought to myself, I really don't like any of the Lego sets. I don't like Legos or most plastic toys, for that matter... but then I spotted this Playmobil set and found myself charmed. It's all because of the hedgehogs...

Sometimes when I buy a new toy for Little Mr. Bloom my mother teases me that I'm really buying the toy for myself. Well, this time it's true. I did buy it for myself (but I let my sweet child play with it...)

Then I had a look around my house and noticed we've been amassing a small hedgehog collection without quite realizing it. An Ostheimer hedgehog...

A hedgehog cookie-press...

We've baked little hedgehog bread buns (recipe here)...

And, of course there's Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle...

Do you collect anything?


  1. If you go to the leggos site you can buy generic educational packs of leggos or even individual pieces that do amazing mechanical things.They sell for just cents each.And you get to pick the color of each piece. I grew up loving leggos but was aghast to find that
    30 years later they are mostly related to movies or violence. Finding this option made leggos a possibilty again! Hope this helps...

  2. Hi Mary -- Thanks for your suggestion re: visiting the Lego site. I've been to the website but have never researched the part about "individual pieces which do amazing mechanical things." We do have a good sized box of "generic" Legos. These pieces are in heavy rotation for creative construction (rather than movie-tie-in kits with step-by-step instructions), but my son sees the "merchandising" kits at his friend's houses (and hears about them at school.) Inevitably these kits end up at the top of my son's birthday wish-list, so I try to honor that by asking an aunt or uncle to buy him a small set. (By the way I love your use of the word "aghast!") Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!

  3. Love hedgehogs! They're just so darn cute how can you not? I have to say I just love legos- but definitely not stepping them!

  4. Mais - hedgehogs are so - oh, come on - there's a word that means a handful of silent charm, prickly cuteness, neat, tiny life. Why wouldn't you collect them? I have fallen hard for playmobile also - THEY DON'T COME APART WHEN YOU PLAY WITH THEM. And they're really good at totally adorable animals. So I'm now interested in them, myself. Try ebay. And I wish I'd known about the bird swap - always too late -

  5. Oh, and now hedgehogs!!! I love hedgehogs!!! My now 13 y.o. son has a great collection of hedgehogs and even greater collection of Playmobil. Now we are "working" on my 3 y.o. daughter's hedgehog collection, because she loves hedgehogs too. It definitely runs in a family. :)
    Love your baked little hedgehog bread buns. Will have to try them.


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