We were in Los Angeles over the weekend and my mother asked me to stop by the grocery store to pick up some more matzah. When I walked past the Easter display this little chicken (on clearance for $1.50) caught my eye. Her vacant, slightly cross-eyed pout is so funny...

Her stylish polka-dot kerchief is perky...

And when you push down on the top of her head, she squats, flaps her wings and lays a little bubble-gum egg...

She seems happy with her new home on the windowsill over the kitchen sink. I like to look at her while I wash the dishes (she just stares back at me with that funny, glazed expression.) Cluck, cluck, cluck!

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  1. I have the same chicken!!!
    BTW, just found your blog and absolutely LOVE!!!! it!
    Being Jewish myself and sharing the love of everything that has to do with fairies and gnomes :), I feel like we were separated at birth (ha-ha).


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