Our New Vegetable Garden

For the past few years I have very much wanted to have a vegetable garden but did not want to change any of the plantings in our back-garden. I started eyeing this spot tucked away on the side of our house early last winter. Here is a photo of our future vegetable garden. It's looked like this for several weeks now (maybe a month.)

I desperately want to plant my vegetables but don't want to lose my garden to the local deer and rampaging raccoons. I am waiting until my Mr. Bloom has time to frame a little door and tack up all that chicken wire... sigh... Maybe we'll be able to get it done Monday. A friend gave me an article from Sunset Magazine which says it's still not too late to plant our tomatoes!

I'm dreaming of a summer of round, red tomatoes and endless zucchini omelets... sigh...


  1. This is a great spot for a garden!!! Hope it happens for you this weekend!

  2. It's actually a tiny spot. When all is said and done, I'll have room for 2 tomato plants, a cucumber bush, 2 zucchini/summer-squash vines & a pumpkin vine (and maybe some nasturtiums because they look so pretty peeking out among the vegetables.)


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