The Cornucopia Institute

Thanks to a wonderful post last week on the blog Clean, I learned about The Cornucopia Institute. The chart above, compiled by Dr. Phil Howard & available on The Cornucopia Institute website, tracks which large corporations own certain organic/"health food" brands. For instance, Kellogg owns Morningstar Farms & Kashi, Dean owns Horizon Milk & White Wave/Silk (soy milk), General Mills owns Cascadian Farms & Muir Glen, Pepsi owns Naked Juice and Coca Cola owns Odwalla.

I try to buy local produce (except for the occasional mango or pineapple) and avoid products which are heavily processed or contain dubious additives. I've been eating like this most of my life and my habits were cemented after reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (plus seeing the film Food, Inc. and reading Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma.) I was aware of some of the large-corporation connections shown in the chart above, but there were a number of eye-openers for me...

The rest of the Cornucopia Institute website is worth exploring, too. There's an "Organic Dairy Report and Scorecard", a "Soy Report & Scorecard", an article from the NY Times on Roundup-Resistant weeds and an article on the Supreme Court hearing of Monsanto v. Geertson (regarding Roundup-Ready/GMO contamination of standard alfalfa fields.)

I hope you find the information available through The Cornucopia Institute as useful and as interesting as I do...

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