A Workshop at Castle in the Air

Over the weekend I participated in a marionette making workshop taught by Ulla Milbrath at Castle in the Air in Berkeley . If you haven't ever visited Castle in the Air you can click the link above, go for a visit and then come back to read the rest of this post. The website is enchanting, but only half as enchanting as the store in real-life...

When I got home from my sojourn at Castle in the Air, however, I was slightly alarmed to discover I had a small stowaway.

He is just under 13 inches tall and has bright green & white striped stockings.

He says his name is Mossy Fernfeather (of the Fernfeather Clan.)

He's been following me around all day, pulling at my skirt hem...

And thrusting tiny fistfuls of feathers, toadstools & fern fronds in the general direction of my knees, insisting I repair the embellishments on his cap (apparently he has mistaken me for some kind of millinery expert.) He says if I do not see to his hat soon he will invite 17 spiders from the garden to take up residence in our house. What he doesn't know is that we like spiders spinning quietly in our corners (however, if he invited 17 mosquitos for a visit, that would be another matter.) Anyhow, he threatens mischief but seems harmless. We've been feeding him on dewdrops, fairy cakes and warm milk with honey. He's looking a bit pale but is in very good spirits.

If you happen to run into any members of the Fernfeather clan and they seem concerned regarding his whereabouts, please let them know he's here with me...

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  1. I would take 17 spiders over 17 mosquitos any day! Delightfully told and a true pleasure to have you and sir Mossy in class!


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