Geocaching Adventure

Yesterday afternoon Mr. Bloom was off mountain biking. Little Mr. & I had an hour or so before Mr. B. returned and we would start planning for supper. Sitting next to each other at the kitchen table, I asked Little Mr. whether he would like to work on an art project or go for a short hike in the open-space park down the hill from our house. His response was, "Let's go on a treasure hunt!"
Last weekend Little Mr. went on a geocaching adventure with a teacher from his school as part of a school fund-raising effort. This is what he meant by "a treasure hunt."

I quickly downloaded a free geocaching app on my iphone. We put on our shoes, grabbed our jackets, a few trinkets to leave behind in the cache box and off we went.

It took a bit of trotting back and forth, up and down the trails, scrabbling around fallen logs and peering into hollow trees... We both started to feel frustrated and were on the verge of giving up, but the sun was sunning and the shade was shading... Tiny birds were flittering and twittering in the tops of oaks...
And then we found the geocached treasure box we'd been searching for!

We headed home, feeling very pleased that we'd had such a successful adventure!

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