Oh, the Joy

Oh, the joy...

Of bubble-wrap...

Freshly popped!


  1. YES!!!! There is nothing like stepping on bubble wrap!!! I LOVE it!!

  2. Hi Maureen -- I just popped over to your blog for a peek. I LOVE vegetarian sushi -- my son and I have it for lunch every Wednesday (he gets out of school early on Wednesdays so it's our Wednes. lunchtime tradition...) Next week I'm planning to make our fav. Vietnamese noodle salad for dinner. If you like to be adventuresome preparing dishes from Asia, this is a good one, too (I'll try to post re: the recipe I use...)

  3. Oh, oops -- I just realized it was Shanti (your co-blogger) who posted the sushi recipe. Well, you still might like my Vietnamese noodle salad recipe... And thanks for visiting!!!

  4. How fun!! I just heard of bubble wrap popping app for the iphone... not as tactilely satisfying but still the fun sounds I imagine!!

  5. Ooooh! As an iphone-loving neo-luddite this sounds like the perfect app for me...


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