From Blog-life to Real-life

When I started this blog the first week of March, I didn't begin the project with many expectations. I wasn't sure how often I'd post, what I'd post about or who might read and comment. It's been a lovely surprise, this unfolding& evolving experience of blogging. I've enjoyed posting, enjoyed feedback and enjoyed the connections I've made so far. I've also realized that I am very much a face-to-face person. So it delighted me to discover that 2 bloggers with whom I've been communicating are local to me. And when Kathy of Everyday Bliss suggested we have a real-life adventure together, I jumped at the opportunity to meet the exuberant, ever-questing, curious, creative person behind the blog. As a bonus, I got to meet J., her exuberant, ever-questing, curious & creative 3-year old daughter. We met at a local Children's Museum, Kathy, her little J., my Little Mr. B. & I... and it was such a lovely afternoon.

It would take me all night to describe the endlessly amazing hands-on exhibits at this museum... the post-office play-area, the fire truck, the Wells Fargo stage coach, the bubble exhibit, the water-ways exhibit, "Secret-of-Circles" exhibit, the art-loft... But, oh! The Cabinet of Wonders... just the name of this exhibit makes me quiver all over with excitement...

It was glorious... the vintage marionettes which danced at the turn of a knob, the giant butterfly which fluttered at the push of a button, the sand-laboratory, the magic forest... and then I heard the tinkling, twinkling music. Kathy pointed me up a short flight of stairs and inside a moving, swirling, carousel kaleidoscope. That was when the little wheels in my heads started to spin and shoot off rainbow flashes of sparkles & light (Kathy will attest to this -- she witnessed it herself...)

Thank you Kathy (& little J., too) for the lovely afternoon -- for the good conversation about blogging, parenting and... life... For the chasing around in circles, the splashing, the nibble-y snacks, the curiosity and the questions, the 2 children who somehow escaped our gaze, disappeared together for 5 minutes, caused frantic mamas to nearly have heart attacks & inform the museum staff who sent out an all-alerts bulletin via walkie-talkie to help search for a 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl (well, that part I could have done without...)

Cyberspace is great, but for me, it will never take the place of face-to-face...

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  1. Thank you for a great day! I loved it all... no wait not the part where we couldn't find them... but mostly all!! I look forward to future adventures together! --Kathy


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