tiptoes finger puppets

Because my wee Bloom will soon be old enough to start enjoying stories from this book...

I made some finger puppets.

Using these wooden finger puppet bases (purchased here at A Child's Dream True)...

...I created finger puppet versions of Jeremy Mouse and Tiptoes Lightly to accompany us on our reading adventures.

(Sincere apologies to Reg Down. I know Tiptoes doesn't wear a wooly cap, however, my attempts at making a tiny wig for the finger puppet base were unsuccessful.  Attaching her hair beneath a cap was best solution!)

Do you and your children enjoy the stories about Tiptoes Lightly?  Which are your favorites?

P.S.  Speaking of small, wooden peg dollish things... Are y'all seriously interested in another peg doll swap?  I've had some emails plus a few comments on my previous blog post.  I'm thinking of launching in a week or two, because by next fall, I will hopefully be immersed in other busy-making projects.  So, a peg dollish swap launching by end of this month?  What do you think?


  1. My little ones love hearing about Tiptoes and her friends. What a sweet rendition. I would be keen on a swap

  2. Very Sweet- Tiptoes, Jeremy, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are definity favorites in our house.... I'd love to do another swap- the "flat swap" was such fun!

  3. I would love a swap! Such fun :). Your puppets are adorable! I bet great storytelling will happen with them :)


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