flat-item swap: my contributions

A month ago I launched a craft swap. Because the cost of sending items via post has been steadily climbing, participants were encouraged to create flat items which could be sent at the lowest postal rates.

For the people with whom I swapped, I stitched up brooches.  There is a safety-pin at the back of each brooch which lies flat to conform to the flat item swap criteria.

And in my parcels, I also included paper butterfly ornaments.  When devising these ornaments, I was excited to find tiny butterfly-shaped crystals to hang at the ends; however, because the crystals were made of glass & slightly bulky, they required a small bit of bubble wrap for safe shipment.  oops. I failed to adhere to my own flat-item swap criteria and had to pay slightly higher postal rates!

I've heard rumblings from participants that, although this flat-item swap has been an interesting challenge, what they are really hoping for is another peg doll swap.  I am taking this into consideration and will likely host another peg doll themed swap... sooner? later?  At this point I'm not sure when.  If you are interested in participating in another peg doll themed swap, please check in regularly via my blog or facebook so you don't miss the sign-up deadline. 

Or send me an email with 3 good reasons why I should host another swap and tell me when you would like me to launch it. I'm a sucker for good persuasion.

Another reason to keep your eyes on my blog: it looks like book #2 will be released in October.  This means a blog tour in November with book give-aways and a few other surprises.  I'm usually rotten at keeping quiet about about good surprises, but I've been sitting on some really special ones, brewing since late fall.  All the more reason to stay in touch around here!!



  1. I'd be delighted to do another peg doll swap. I'll watch for the invitation. :)

    1. That you would be delighted to participate in another peg swap is only one reason -- but that's sufficient!

  2. I have been inspired by your book which I bought,
    I have started making peg dolls for my grands.
    I have never participated in a swap before and would like to.
    My 3 reason to try and persuade you to do a swap! :)
    Have a great day, Pam

  3. Oh please please do another swop, I missed this one by a day!
    - Ive never done one before
    - I love the idea of a 'flat' swop
    - It'd be a great excuse to get crafting!

  4. I'd love to join in a peg swap too. But, to reduce or save on postage (from the UK, I really don't think that it would make that much of a price difference to your flat swap...) you could suggest mini pegs? You know, the 1" (2.5cm) pegs? Anyhow - your brooches are just lovely :)


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