japanese tea garden

Some childhood friends of Mr. Bloom's blew into town yesterday for a whirlwind visit.  This morning, suddenly and unexpectedly, I found myself packed into the car with Mr. Bloom & wee Bloom on our way to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park to meet up with our visitors from Ann Arbor.

The weather was foggy and cold, but the company was good.  The garden was beautiful, the cookies were sweet, the tea was hot and there were many paths down which little feet could run and explore...

A very happy adventure, all around.  Have you been on any unexpected adventures lately?


  1. Actually, I've had a few Asian Adventures myself. After reading Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and Baseball Saved Us, I took my fifth graders to an Asian cultural center to see a wonderful collection of hats from all across Asia. Then we sampled seaweed salad after learning about it in the Wakame Gatherer, and lastly, visited an Asian grocery where they purchased some seaweed to try at home. I will have to share your pictures with them.

  2. Love the Japanese tea garden.It's so beautiful. Sometimes those spontaneous trips are the best.


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