This book has so many good ideas. The only edition currently available is in German. I can't read a word of it, however the images speak for themselves.

image from kokeshi-kult :: adeline klam

It offers a wide selection of projects, including aprons and tote-bags with appliques of sweet-faced kokeshi dolls, key-chains and ornaments, soft-sculpture dolls, brooches, and framed kokeshi-inspired artwork.

image from kokeshi-kult :: adeline klam

The ideas in this book were the inspiration for me to broaden the options for my latest pegdoll swap, giving participants the choice of creating pegdolls OR something pegdoll-inspired.  Below you will find more kokeshi-style inspiration... and for information about joining the swap, click here.

Cherry Blossom Geisha
kokeshi fabric :: spoonflower

I wonder what nice things could be made from kokeshi-patterned fabric?

kokeshi embroidery kit :: kristen doran

applique & photo :: chigu

dolls & photo :: griottes

photo & doll by risa: restlessrisa

And finally, you can click here to see a clever tutorial for making charming kokeshi-style dolls...

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