pegdoll inspiration

Yes, I've launched another pegdoll swap!  If you'd like to join in, you can read all about it here.  For fun and inspiration, below you will find a small selection of a few of my favorite pegdolls.

dolls & photo :: painting pixie

doll & photo :: painting pixie

dolls & photo :: this cosy life

dolls & photo :: anna branford

dolls & photo :: mama westwind

doll & photo :: mama westwind

dolls & photo :: morning sun rae

dolls & photo :: morning sun rae

doll & photo :: painting pixie

dolls & photo :: mama westwind

doll & photo :: giants, wizards & dweebs

Nope, these are not peg dolls.  They are music boxes made by Ostheimer (however, both my children used them as teething toys).  I think they are rather pegdoll-like, don't you?

dolls & photo :: soft earth art

You're right.  These are not pegdolls, either, but with their round heads and bodies wouldn't you say they are pegdoll-like?

doll & photo :: forest fairy crafts

Okay, this is also technically not a pegdoll, but I can't resist the sweet smiles of Lenka's forest sprites... and since my current swap is pegdoll-style, let's just stretch the criteria and say that pipe-cleaner bendy-dolls are allowed, too...

Are you feeling inspired?  

You can find out more about the pegdoll-style swap here...


  1. awww....thanks for including me! seems like so long ago.
    so many cute peg dolls!

  2. Aw, thanks for sharing my fairy! This is a lovely surprise! I love all the inspiration you collected. So many options for beautiful little dolls! I am excited to make one for the swap!

  3. These are all so beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.


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