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photo & dolls :: the chocolate room

The flat-item swap I hosted last month was fun, however, I received several wistful emails asking when I would be hosting another pegdoll swap.  I'm a sucker for wistful. I'm also game to facilitate anything which inspires fun, joy and creativity.

 So, here we go!  A pegdoll swap with a new twist.

photo & dolls :: the chocolate room

For this swap you are welcome to create pegdolls of any style, or anything pegdoll-like.  When looking for ideas, you might find inspiration among crafts based on matryoshka or kokeshi style dolls.

photo & ornament :: my sparkle

In fact, for this swap, you are welcome to create something which is not a pegdoll at all, however which contains pegdoll-like elements.  The most distinctive elements are, of course, a small, round face and a rounded body, usually with no arms or legs (however, it's all negotiable!).

Over the next week, I am planning blog posts with some ideas & inspiration: photos of a few of my favorite pegdolls, plus links to matryoshka & kokeshi influenced projects.  Note -- there are many wonderful matryoshka & kokeshi style projects, and this is why I am highlighting them, however, participants are NOT limited to matryoshka or kokeshi designs.  Choices for decorating pegdoll-style creations are endless...

kokeshi embroidery :: kristen doran

Why have I broadened the theme beyond traditional pegdolls?  It's the same reason I initiated the flat-item swap: postal rates have climbed so high that the cost of mailing parcels deterred people in certain countries from joining swaps.  By broadening the criteria, participants will have the option to create pegdolls OR to create something which is flat and hence less expensive to send via post.


 -- Sign-ups are open starting today (Monday April 21st.)

-- To sign up, please email me margaret (at) flyingteapot (dot) com with 1) your name 2) mailing address 3) email address 4) blog URL if you have one 5) a few sentences about yourself; you can mention your family, information about where you live, what kind of crafting you like to do, materials you like to use, etc... Even if I have all your information from a previous swap, please send it to me again.  This way I can cut and paste your information from the email instead of hunting through my archives.  Thanks!

-- This swap is open to anyone anywhere in the world and to participants of all crafting levels.

-- Each participant will be matched in a group of three (i.e. you will create a pegdoll or pegdoll-inspired item for each of your two swap mates and you will receive a pegdoll or pegdoll-inspired item from each of them in return.)

-- Sign-ups will close Monday, May 5th at 9 p.m. PST, and information about your swap-matches will be emailed to you by Tuesday May 6th.

-- By signing up for this swap you agree to create, with you own hands, a pegdoll or pegdoll-inspired item for each of your swap-mates and send them off in a timely fashion.

-- Preferably, parcels should be posted to recipients by Friday May 23rd.  If you are delayed in sending your parcels, it will be important to communicate this directly to your swap-mates.

-- Any questions?  Please feel free to send me an email!


dolls & photo :: griottes

P.S. Are you looking for pegdoll making supplies?  You can find some sources here.


  1. I love this! Cannot wait to see the peg dolls everyone creates :)

  2. I can't wait to see pictures of everyone's dolls. :)


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