Below, you can find yet more inspiration for the pegdoll-style swap.  For this particular craft exchange, participants are welcome to create pegdolls or anything pegdoll-like.  Scroll through to see a variety of crafts based on matryoshka style dolls... and for information about joining the swap, click here.

photo & dolls :: the chocolate room

matryoshka fabric :: fabric.com

card & photo :: zakka life

matryoshka dolls :: kristen doran

matryoshka necklace :: poppychic

matryoshka hair clips :: chocolate room

dolls & photos :: artteajannell

matryoshka fabric :: spoonflower

dolls :: sam wedelich


  1. So beautiful. What great inspiration.

  2. So lovely! that's what I made last year for the swap. A set of little matryoshkas with hand sewn felted dresses. It was so much fun! I've been so busy I missed out on this swap, but I'll keep an eye out for your next one.

    1. Yes! I do remember your lovely matryoshka dolls from the previous pegdoll swap. Sorry you missed out on this swap. Look for another one maybe late next year?


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