A Midrash Tale

I first heard this story about 16 years ago from a rabbi -- about how an Angel touches above each baby's lip to silence the child from speaking of the history of the soul and mysteries of heaven. In addition, the angel extinguishes the light which enables the soul to see to the ends of the universe. In this way the secrets of the soul remain hidden and the baby enters the world crying for all the lost secrets of heaven. The sign of this angel's touch is the philtrum -- the small indentation between the nose and upper lip.

I wonder about my baby in these last few weeks before his birth. I wonder what secrets he may forget and which ones he might still remember...


  1. Love this!!! SO excited to meet him... the other day my girl said "Amember when I didn't have eyes mommy? I was in your belly..." AMAZING! will be interesting to see how much your little one actually does remember!!!

  2. You must be nesting, hmm? Hope these waiting days aren't too long for you...

  3. Kathy -- Your girl is amazing indeed...

  4. Hi Wendy -- I was just visiting you over at Little Green Bums... You are too funny. I loved your itinerary for this afternoon -- "A clear cut plan: Buy feed. Leave store. Go home and screw up another couple of projects." And your little guinea fowl chicks are so cute...

    When I dropped off my little guy at camp this morning the children were passing around a couple of newly hatched chickies (and the 9 bunnies were hopping around as usual...) For the next few weeks I have him enrolled in a great little summer program at our local middle school. There's a strong 4H program so the children enjoy the benefit of lots of on-site critters.


  5. Hello again! I love this tale. Have you read the book Before You Were Born yet? It tells the whole story. I can't remember the author, but the illustrations are incredible. It just so happened that we read this tonight before bed.

    Also, thanks for the comment on my blog. Glad you stopped by!


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