Making Peg Dolls Tour: Wild Faerie Caps

yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

Welcome to day 11 of the Making Peg Dolls blog tour! Today Melissa of Wild Faerie Caps is hosting.

yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

Melissa and I met during the winter of 2011 when she joined a peg doll swap I was hosting. The dolls she created for the swap were fascinating and the story she wrote to accompany the dolls was so very beautiful and inventive.  But what cemented our friendship was the fact that our youngest boys are only several months apart.  We exchanged endless emails during that winter and spring commiserating over our weepy, teething babes, and during the summer we laughed over emails chronicling their first wobbling steps.  Melissa and I also have older sons who are less than a year apart, and these two have struck up a pen-pal friendship; the drawings and tiny Fimo sculptures they occasionally send to each other are hilarious!  I also want to mention that Melissa has a third son who is 4 (we musn't forget her Imp!)

yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

As you can see from the photos above (and also more photos to come below), Melissa is very clever with fiber -- she cards, dyes and spins her own yarns.  She also knits beautifully, and my book & I have been the beneficiaries of her generosity & talents.  In the book you can spot her knitted work in the photo of my toddler on page 11, and Melissa also created the ridiculously cute little hats for the Martinmas procession dolls on page 116.

capelet & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

And do you see the shawl in the photo above?  Melissa knit this last year for my birthday (am I a lucky girl to have such a friend, or what?)

yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

In addition to her talents with fiber, Melissa has also created many beautiful Waldorf-style peg dolls (remember, we met via the peg doll swap!)  She came up with her own very original designs for dolls (chore gnomes!) and sells them in her etsy shop. Melissa also volunteered some gorgeous dolls for the book (green and lavender with wood burned motifs -- they appear in the introduction on page 10).

yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

I hope you enjoy meeting Melissa over at Wild Faerie Caps today...

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yarn & photo by Melissa: Wild Faerie Caps

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