Making Peg Dolls Tour: Clean

peg dolls and photo courtesy of Rachel Wolf

Today Rachel Wolf of the blog Clean is hosting the Making Peg Dolls blog tour. 

photo collage courtesy of LuSa Organics

Where to begin telling you about Rachel? Hmmm... to start, Rachel's blog serves to validate and support alternative (and sometimes controversial) choices made by many parents; she discusses breast feeding, baby-wearing, co-sleeping, cloth-diapering, making informed decisions about whether or not to vaccinate, home-schooling (or un-schooling), making healthy & ecological choices, and so much more.  Most importantly, Rachel speaks about trusting one's own parental instinct to know what is healthy & good for each, individual child.

My favorite posts are when Rachel talks about envisioning and manifesting the life we want to live.  These are powerful posts.  Rachel herself has envisioned and manifested a successful business called LuSa Organics which manufactures natural baby and body care products.  In my house we use balms from LuSa to soothe the keratosis pilaris on my toddler's ultra-sensitive skin, and we always keep a bottle of the essential oil blend Sweetest Dreams Sleeping Potion on hand to calm restless nights.  I've also tried the soaps from LuSa which are deliciously scented with essential oils.

Most of all, Rachel is real, down to earth and she has a big heart.  She talks about knitting, thrifting, crafting and cooking.  She talks about big, glorious, beautiful stuff, and she talks about the grumpy days when nothing seems to go as planned, about feeling vulnerable, about the hard stuff in life... grief and loss.  I hope you will visit Rachel and get to know her a little bit -- and when you visit, you can see the farm house to which she and her family have recently moved.  Her photos of this house leave me feeling like I can smell the clean, cold air...

peg dolls and photo courtesy of Rachel Wolf

Oh, and peg dolls.  Yes! Peg dolls!  About two years ago, I spotted this bowl full of little dolls on Rachel's blog.  I was struck by their sweet faces, and also by the way Rachel had painted their little hands.  When it came time to write my book, I asked Rachel whether I could use a photo of her dolls to demonstrate how one might add hands if one wished.  And so, when you see a copy of the book, keep your eyes open for one Rachel's dolls!

Thank you Rachel, for hosting today (and for your little doll with hands...) You can find Rachel's post here and also leave a comment on Rachel's blog for an opportunity to win a copy of the book.

peg dolls and photo courtesy of Rachel Wolf

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  1. It was a pleasure to participate in your sweet peg doll journey! Thanks for asking me to come along. x


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