Making Peg Dolls Tour: Anna Branford

fairy cakes and photo by Anna Branford

Today's stop on the Making Peg Dolls tour is with the ever delightful Anna Branford.  You can find Anna at her eponymous blog creating "small things", talking to us in her own soft, distinctive voice and... writing.

published by Atheneum Books, cover art by Elanna Allen

What does Anna write?  If you don't already know Anna's books, you are in for a treat.  With great tenderness and gentle humor Anna writes about a little girl named Violet Mackerel.  Violet is an observant and sensitive girl who is full of theories, "very important ideas" and "brilliant plots."  She is the perfect friend for young, school-age children, and, despite the fact that Violet is a fictional character, she has worked herself into my heart in a way that feels very real.

butterfly ball and photo by Anna Branford

Thank you, lovely Anna, for all your kind words of support while I was writing Making Peg Dolls and for hosting today.  Dear readers, you can find Anna's blog tour post here.

butterfly ball and photo by Anna Branford

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  1. Those cakes look so yummy. I am sure a fairy will spy them soon and there will be wee nibble marks on them


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