Making Peg Dolls Tour: The Toymaker

image courtesy of Marilyn Scott-Waters

Here we are at the third installment of the Making Peg Dolls blog tour -- and today we will be sailing on a magical boat of dreams to visit Marilyn Scott-Waters a.k.a. The Toymaker.  You can read more about Marilyn and her wonderful creations below, or just head directly over to The Toymaker's Journal to see what Marilyn has in store (fantastic fun, I assure you...)

image and poem courtesy of Marilyn Scott-Waters

Roses are red,
and you're heaven sent.
and so I am sending
a pink elephant...

Marilyn is the author of the most amazing books for creating paper toys -- The Toymaker's Workshop and The Toymaker's Christmas.  The toys in Marilyn's books are gorgeous, easy to make and fun to play with.  In addition to her paper toy books, she is also the co-author (along with J. H. Everett) of the book Haunted Histories.  This book, intended for tweens, is full of "fascinating facts about calamitous events throughout history" -- good, honest, gruesome (and educational) fun.

Marilyn also has a website called The Toymaker where you can find toys, stories, and holiday greeting cards, organized by the seasons, and all downloadable for free.  If you'd like to stay updated with Marilyn's adventures in toymaking, she sends out a free monthly newsletter with links to new toys for each season and holiday.  You can find out more about her mailing list here.

I adore Marilyn's toys, but above and beyond all this, I owe her a debt of gratitude.  Nearly 2 years ago, I felt daunted about writing a book proposal.  With a sleeping 9-month old baby strapped to my chest, I received the most rousing pep talk from Marilyn.  With that encouragement, I sat down, put that book proposal together and sent if off.  Thank you Marilyn.

image courtesy of Marilyn Scott-Waters

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