Making Peg Dolls Tour: Rhythm and Rhyme

quilt and photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

Today's stop on the Making Peg Dolls blog tour is with Shannon of the blog Rhythm and Rhyme.

photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

Shannon and I met in 2010 when we were matched in an Artful Stone Swap, and our long-distance friendship grew from there. Among the things I have learned from our cross-continental exchange is that, although kookaburras seem exotic to me, in Australia they are "common as dirt," they stir up a ruckus when one is trying to sleep, and there is a cheeky verse to the traditional kookaburra song about a kookaburra sitting on an electric wire. I have learned that Australian possums are much cuter than American possums, but the Australian ones are just as much of a nuisance.  Additionally, I now know that lamingtons are small, chocolate covered cakes, sprinkled with coconut, and that they sometimes have strawberry jam between cake layers.

pincushion and photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

Shannon and I also share a silly joke about pincushions.  I won't bore you with details because I have a knack for ruining jokes (I tell them badly, spoil the punchlines and leave my listeners looking utterly bewildered.)  Suffice to say, one of the results of our joke is the pincushion you see in the photo above.  It is the fattest, reddest tomato pincushion I've ever seen, and it is featured in not one, but two glamorous photos in my book.  Who ever thought a mere pincushion could achieve international fame?

doll and photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

When you visit Shannon's blog, you will see that she is quite clever at creating lovely things.  So when it came time to make samples of clothes-peg dolls for the introduction to my book, I thought it would be fun to ask her to create a few.

doll and photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

 Shannon not only created charming dolls... she also took fun photos. 

doll and photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

Unfortunately, we were not able to use Shannon's photos for the introduction to the book, but above you can see some of Shannon's photos of her clothes-peg dolls... aren't they darling?

photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

Thank you, dear Shannon, for inspiration in the form of a stone, for the fat red pincushion, for cheering me on at every turn.

photo by Shannon: Rhythm and Rhyme

I hope you enjoy the fun Shannon has conjured over at Rhythm and Rhyme today.  She has shown me a few peeks and glimpses, but I haven't seen her whole post, so I'll be headed over there in a moment, too...

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  1. I am blushing a little but I am also doing a little dance on my pincushion! xx YOU are lovely xx


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