Making Peg Dolls Tour: Softearth's World

moon angel and photo by Marie: Softearth's World

Today Marie of Softearth's World is featuring Making Peg Dolls for the eighth day of the blog tour parade. 

rainbow crystal gnomes and photo by Marie: Softearth's World

On her blog Marie shares photos of her rural New Zealand home and images of the beautiful figures she needle felts from soft New Zealand wool.  Marie creates angels and gnomes, flower fairies, butterfly children and birds for her etsy shop, and her work is much beloved by many in the Waldorf/Steiner community.

angel and photo by Marie: Softearth's World

A while back, when I was going through a difficult time, Marie sent me a beautiful angel similar to the one in the photo above.  It hangs on the inside of my front door and brings peace to my home.  I hope you enjoy visiting Marie, and while you are there, please leave a comment on her post today for an opportunity to win a copy of my book!

sunflower child and photo by Marie: Softearth's World

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  1. I love Marie's beautiful creations, especially the angels. I have one which has a lovely green dress and she hangs from the ceiling in our bedroom, floating and whirling when the wind blows in the window. A wonderful artist indeed.


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