Picking Plums

 Yesterday we heard from a friend of Little Mr.'s that her neighbor had a tree with an overabundance of plums.  I immediately volunteered to help solve this problem of overabundance.  When we arrived, I was astonished by the color of these tiny plums; they are golden yellow in color, sweet as they are pretty and the children had a marvelous time plucking these bright jewels from the tree.

 Now I have to decide... shall I share some of this plum-bounty with a few other friends by giving away a pound or two?  After all, how much plum-crisp can one family eat?  This little dilemma makes me think of the William Carlos Williams poem This is Just to Say...

This is Just to Say...

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which

you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me

they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold
. . . . .

Well, if someone ate all the plums in my icebox, they'd have quite a stomach ache.  I should give some away, right?  Mmmm... maybe not...


  1. Such a nice post, it brings back memories of eating plums off my aunt's tree when I was a kid. I always had stomach aches afterwards, but they were so worth it!

  2. In one of our homes we had a Chinese plum tree, every year the tree was loaded with plums but they were pale green so I would just let them sit wondering when they would ripen... The choocks ate the ones that fell. At about the three year mark I said something to that affect to my dad who declared they were ripe - that was their colour! Oh my they were the sweetest little plums and we missed two years of their deliciousness to my ignorance. Silly girl :) maybe you could share a few.


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