Blueberry Tart

This blueberry tart was served to me two years ago at an informal mid-morning gathering and I have been waiting since that day to make one myself.  The hostess said, "Oh, that... it's just something I threw together.  Does it taste okay?"  My goodness!  From the moment I tasted it, I've been counting the weeks, counting the days until I had the perfect occasion to make it.  Today was the day!!

A Friday night phone call regarding problems with a dinner reservation meant that we were suddenly  expecting dinner guests instead of going out.  I have to tell you, these guests... they are in for a treat.  Now, if you'll excuse me please, I've got to go lick out pan in which I cooked those blueberries, but before I forget, here is the recipe...


  1. I'm going to do some sugar substitution and get back to you! Xx

  2. Oh, that looks wonderful! UK grown blueberries are an expensive treat but that tart might make them worth the money I have to pay for them!

  3. Oh my, that looks amazing! And is now calling my name!

  4. I've looked at this recipe many times, but always go for the pie recipe. I am a pie girl! Your tart looks delicious! I just might have to give it a try!
    Have a great week


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