Birthday Silliness (and a Little Owl)

Yesterday at our house there was some birthday silliness...

And yet more silliness...

 And some cake eating, too.

 For his birthday, I made a special gift for our wee Bloom...

 An owl for our owl-loving boy.

The design was shamelessly modeled after these gorgeous owls (and other sweet friends) by the very talented Klay Arsenault.  This was my first attempt at creating applique using free-form sewing techniques on a  machine, and at first I felt intimidated. However, as I worked, I found the free-form style very liberating.  Making this little owl was so much fun!  For more work and inspiration by Klay you can have a look at her blog here...

Happy birthday little one.
Three candles on your cake, one for each year, and a third candle to grow on...
We are so happy to celebrate you!


  1. Adorable! Happy Birthday, little Bloom! xx

  2. A beautiful family, a very happy-looking birthday and a perfect little owl!

  3. such a sweet owl! i love it! happy birthday!

  4. I love the owlie - and that we've enjoyed that same book in our house. Happy hoots!


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