I love slippers, don't you?
I love them so much (such sweet, homey things, especially in wintertime) that, the other day, I wrote a limerick about mine:

My slippers are wool and they're red.
When I sleep they sit next to my bed.
It really is neat, 
How they warm up my feet,
In the morning while I eat jam and bread.

And I also wrote a haiku:

Slippers soft and red
On cold wood floors in winter
My feet are quite warm

Are you ever moved to write a poem about silly, homey things (such as slippers?)  If you are, please send it to me... I'd love to read it...


  1. Huh. You know, I don't own slippers. I did once. I never wore them and they got covered with cat hair (and I mean *covered*). I wonder what happened to them...

  2. I need a new pair of slippers. I got a new pair at the beginning of winter that seemed so wonderfully cozy, but they fell apart within weeks. So sad... We don't wear shoes in our house so now that I'm walking around barefooted, I have to wash my feet every night before bed.

  3. I couldn't possibly, mine are sadly in tatters, I love slippers, maybe I could 'borrow' my partners sheepskin ones for the photo op!
    I can't remember if I thanked you for the exquisite doves which arrived for me from you.. I wrote a post about them http://angelwingsandherbtea.blogspot.com/2012/02/seven-white-doves.html thankyou so much for your generosity and thought. Much love, Henrietta


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