From the Stars I Did Come Down...

From the stars
I did come down
bearing my light
to light a crown
of shimmering stars
to shine on earth;
today's the day I came to birth.

Okay, so I'm not really wearing a crown of shimmering stars in this photo... It's a plastic crown my little Mr. picked out for me at Disneyland a few years ago.  And so for this reason I like it very much!


  1. Happy, happy birthday! May this year of your life bloom with beauty and unexpected joys, and may this day be rich in lavish spoiling! Bring out the fuzzy slippers, the robe, the vase of flowers, the breakfast-in-bed tray!

  2. Happy birthday, lovely! Here's looking forward to many, many more!

    (Your birthday capelet will be in the mail on Monday - with some gnomes to guard it!)

  3. It's your birthday? Of course you need a crown. May it be filled with delicious food and your favourite people!

  4. So happy to "know" you through our blogs, and wish you all the blessings the coming year has to offer!

  5. Happy Birthday fellow Piscean!
    Crowns, although absent from my celebrations seem like a must.

  6. We ate cake for you - with lashings of lemon glaze. I'll have some again tomorrow because it is everso important to have a birthday week! xx Happy, happy to you!

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with magic and love! You deserve it!!! —Leisa

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! Wishing you all the BEST!!!!!!!!!!


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