From Near and Far

 Thank you to everyone, near and far, for your kind birthday wishes over the weekend.

This was a year of quiet celebration -- at least, it was quiet during moments of sibling harmony. As for some of the other moments... definitely less quiet.

Among the many delights of my weekend was the knowledge, warm in my heart, that I have friends who, with their own two hands created the most beautiful & meaningful gifts for me.  Above is a photo of the very stylish scarf made by Shannon.  It's crocheted from the softest wool in one of my favorite tones (charcoal grey) and long enough for lots of swirling and twirling about my shoulders & neck!

And then there is this bit of magnificence.  I've been watching the process of it's creation over the past several weeks, and far from feeling as though the surprise has been spoiled, it has been a joy to watch the creation of this shawl/capelet.  I'm amazed (and deeply touched) by all the care and skill Melissa has put into this piece -- and would hardly be surprised if she would rather keep it for herself, it's so gorgeous!

Another trip around the sun... another happy birthday... 
Thank you, thank you, once again.



  1. You are too sweet. I hope your birthday was fantasitc! *hugs*

  2. Happiest day to you....quiet, at home birthdays are truly wonderful x

  3. Such joy in your photos! What beauty in the things you say and do with your children!



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