In the Garden, a Patient Kitty

The other afternoon wee Bloom and I were out in the garden.  I looked up and this is what I saw... a very quiet, very patient kitty.  Why is he so quietly, patiently sitting up in that tree?

It seems our cedar tree is the first stop for these tiny darlings, on their way to fill their hungry little bellies...

And, while we're on the topic of wildlife in the garden, I musn't take my eyes off this little creature for long.  Apparently, rocks are quite a delicacy... at least among the "16-months-and-under" set.


  1. Sorry I haven't visited in so long...ridiculously busy these days. I love that our cats sit in the window with mice in their mouth almost every day! We don't seem to see many dead birds (thankfully) because I think they know to steer clear of the place! Love the little lion in all cats!

  2. Too funny! Rocks have been a delicacy around here too for a while... Thankfully we seem to have grown out of that stage. Finally!

  3. Oh gosh. Did you ever see The Spiderwick Chronicles? We're big fans of the books at our house. But in the movie, there's a hobgoblin that eats birds - it's kind of hilarious. As soon as I read this post I thought of him. (:


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