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(photo -- Paul Schraub)
 It's not every day that there is news worth smiling about, however, the other morning I unfolded our copy of the San Francisco Chronicle and was greeted by this photo!  Photos of whales swimming and splashing about, feeding, caring for their young and generally doing what whales are supposed to be doing always make me glow.

Currently Humpback Whales are on their yearly migration from their summer feeding grounds off the coast of Alaska, on their way down to their winter birthing and mating grounds off the coast of Mexico.  Usually, during their autumn migration, they remain several miles off-shore, however this year they have been feeding close to shore, making quite a spectacle of themselves!  To read the full article, you can have a look here...

Experts say the whales may stick around for a few weeks.  Anyone else planning to head to the beach? I think we'll be off to Half Moon Bay and soon!


  1. That's so awesome! That kayaker had the view of a lifetime (and probably a bit of a scare, too ;-). I do hope you get to see them yourself!

  2. Have you read Diane Ackerman's "The Moon by Whalelight"? It's full of poetic and scientific beauty pertaining to whales. That photo made me smile, too!

  3. I wanted to go whale-watching while in Boston, however it was the last weekend of the season and we didn't make it...but, it's been a dream to see them in real life since we 'adopted' one in 3rd grade! But, I would be TERRIFIED if I were that kayaker!

  4. Wow! That's amazing! I hope you get a gander. On another note, I've written about your lovely blog today over at my place. Happy whale watching!

  5. ah I love half moon bay. When I lived in Seattle I went over to the San Juan Islands and my friend wanted to rent kayaks and chase the whales (there's quite a swarm of boats that head to where they are) but honestly, its a bit scary to me, they are BIG and kayaks are TINY. Hope you see some!

  6. They are so very beautiful; we have watched them on many occasions from our coast it never gets boring.


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