Shoe Shopping

 My wee Bloom has been walking for about eight weeks.  Because my parents are visiting this weekend, we decided to make the purchase of my wee Bloom's first pair of shoes a family event!

 First he tried on some sandals...

 And then this pair of handsome shoes which were better designed and easier to slip on his plump little feet!

 Wee Bloom did a little dance as if to say, "I like these shoes!"

This shoe-shopping event brought back memories of the day we first bought shoes for his big brother.  We put the shoes on Little Mr.'s feet and stood him up.  He refused to walk, and instead sat down and cried.  The loss of his barefoot status felt, somehow, like a loss of innocence -- he'd been cast from the Garden of Eden.  What did my wee Bloom do when we first put shoes on his feet?  He crawled for a bit.  He danced for a bit.  And then he stuck his foot in his mouth and tried to eat the shoes (so sorry I didn't get a photo of that!)


  1. bless him! I remember the 1st day I bought my boys shoes. They lived in leather padders for quite a while before we got to "Big boy" shoes!! but it feels like a real mile stone when you get their first pair of real shoes!

  2. Hello,
    I just found your blog over Pip´s blog - I really like it and have to have a good read of it later!
    your breastfeeding post moved me to tears. I was all set to breastfeed for at least 2 years (!) but then life threw a severe milk allergy and very severy disphragia and reflux so that i gave up after just 4 weeks, it was just too much to see my baby in pain (by then we didnt know what was wrong!). He had special yukky manmade formula (not even made out of milk)and to be honest I am just grateful for it. I would always prefer breastfeeding over anything but sometimes there´s nothing one can do and the jedgment is unfounded!

  3. So funny. The wee Miss kept flicking her feet trying to shake the silly things off!


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