Rhythm of the Home: Autumn 2011 Edition

The editors of Rhythm of the Home have once again honored me by choosing to publish a piece I created for their Autumn 2011 edition.

 So, grab a cup of coffee or tea and join me over at Rhythm of the Home...

   I hope you enjoy reading this little article as much as I enjoyed writing it!


  1. Delightful as ever! I tweeted it for you my poem making friend... when can we get together again?

  2. Loved your article in RotH and look forward to reading your whole blog... but first I have to ask - where did that adorable double handled cup, that precious baby is holding in the article, come from? Thanks! Robin {cokelush at gmail}

  3. i haven't stopped by in so long! our summer and new baby have swept me away from places like yours, where I love to frequent! but, thanks to your article and a stolen moment i'm here to tell you thanks. Such a sweet little poem for such a sweet topic!

  4. I love those rhymes. I am currently writing them down for my own wee Bear. Great job. Oh and I've moved blogs for now - please come visit me at my new wordpress site. :0) Kat

  5. Oh, I LOVE your rhyme. So sweet and fun and so much better & more meaningful that you wrote it yourself.



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