Bunny Love

When I find a few minutes of free time in my day, I inevitably have to make a choice: shall I read? Catch up on email? Type out a blog post? Stitch up a gift for a friend? Or knit?  The last knitting project I completed was this and since then, knitting has fallen to the bottom of my list. I very much miss the peaceful rhythm of knitting (and I miss binding off beautiful projects...) Lately, I've also been inspired by my friend Melissa (look at these darling creatures she has knit up!) And so out came the knitting needles and a ball of yarn...

A few hours later this little fellow hopped right off the tips of my needles! 

The pattern is from a book called Creative Play for your Toddler by Christopher Clouder and Janni Nicol.  Getting this little rabbit all stitched up was rather a fiddly process, and I have a new-found respect for the knitting skills of dear Melissa!  She aptly described the pattern I had used, saying it was "another of those knit-a-rectangle and it magically turns into animal" type of things...

 The rabbit turned out a bit wonky, but my wee Bloom seems to like his new friend...

And with two boys in my house, I thought it might be a nice idea to knit up a bunny for each.  Out came the needles once again to try another "knit a square and it magically turns into an animal" pattern -- this time from the book Knitted Animals by Anne-Dorthe Grigaff.

 Again, the reception was enthusiastic...

And some sweet playtime ensued...

Now, I'm on to bigger, better and more colorful projects i.e. the Lanesplitter Skirt from Knitty!  I would like to finish this project in time to wear it this winter.  Hmmm... I'll have keep you posted on that.


  1. Bunnies! So sweet. And I am loving the looks of that skirt and yarn.

  2. The skirt is looking lovely! And who could resist the wee bunny-chomping Bloom? So. Very. Cute! (:
    You did an excellent job on those rabbits - much better than my first attempt (which remains very much not looking like a duck - my kids pretend it's a hatchet...)

  3. Oh I love the bunnies! The pattern from Creative Play is a favourite of mine: before I ever learned to knit I crocheted one following those instructions too. :)

    And the yarn, oh the colours, I love it. Very pretty. *want*

  4. Love the character of that first bunny! I think I have that book, just haven't looked at it in ages! Love the yarn for your skirt, too!

  5. Tis looking good!
    can never have too much bunny love.

  6. In case anyone wants to track down the crazy, colorful yarn I'm using for my skirt -- it's Noro Kureyon color code #256.


  7. That bunny is so gorgeous, I love the little fluffy tail!

  8. Love the bunnies, I think my niece and nephew would love these! Can't wait to see your skirt finished! Great yarn!

  9. I made each of my girls the bunny from HeartStrings, a square that is stitched into a bunny shape. They loved them, so much they were ratty and torn when I threw them out. I hope your bunnies are well loved.

  10. completely adorable, those little bunnies have found a good home! love the noro skirt!

  11. How sweet are those bunnies. I've not heard of the book. Off to look it up! (The bunnies don't look wonky from here!)


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