Monsters in the Bookshelf

Yesterday we had the most wonderful adventure.  After school we scurried over to USF to see an exhibit called Monsters in the Bookshelves.  This exhibit displays work by eight illustrators who have banded together under the name Studio 5.  You can read more about each of the illustrators on the Studio 5 website here or, if you happen to be in San Francisco between now and December 16th you can see a bounty of their original work displayed beautifully in the Thacher Gallery (and much of the artwork is hung low so that children can view it easily!)  You may have missed the opening event yesterday but there will be exhibit-related activities on October 15th!

The highlight of our visit was, of course, getting to say hello to Marilyn Scott-Waters.  Her work is so imaginative and playful -- it was lovely for me to finally meet, face-to-face, the exuberant, joy-inspiring person behind the toys.  If you are not familiar with Marilyn's books you can find out more on her website here. And just a quick FYI -- Marilyn's website is a wonderful place to get lost for hours reading stories and printing out free toys.  This website is a place to revel in some serious whimsy and magic!

And thank you so very much to the artists of Studio 5 for sharing your marvelous & inspirational work at the Thacher Gallery!

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