Sonoma County Sojourns

Every few months I pack the children in the car and off we go for the 90 minute drive up to Sonoma County to visit friends.  The  drive is mostly on highways which run along the route of the old the California Mission Trail established between 1683 and 1834 by Spanish missionaries.  Legend has it that the monks sprinkled the route with mustard seed -- in the spring, the route is still marked by a trail of bright golden flowers.

A few weeks ago we drove up to Glen Ellen to spend time with my friend and her baby.  The area surrounding Glen Ellen is famous as a wine growing region and also as the home of the writer Jack London.  I love journeying up there in the winter when everything is misty and grey, and I love it in the spring when the sky is vivid blue with high, bright clouds.

Whenever we visit Glen Ellen we have lunch at this Nepalese restaurant.

It's called Yeti, and it's not to be missed.  Even my little Mr. B. gobbles up their mysteriously spiced curries with joy and relish!

After lunch we took a walk on trails among the rolling, golden hills and beneath mossy California oaks...

I'm not sure which was my favorite view... the rolling hills and trees or the view into the face of this little person strapped to my chest, sleeping as we hiked our way along the trail.

Then on Monday and Tuesday of this week we were up visiting our friends in Sebastapol.

Sebastapol is located is west of Glen Ellen and better known for dairy farming and Gravenstein apple orchards.

The best part of visiting (besides eating cheeses and apples from this region) is watching my little Mr. B. running free in the fields, chasing around with children and chickens.

I'm always a little bit sad when we cross back over the Golden Gate Bridge heading for home, but I know we'll be heading back soon!


  1. What a beautiful time. I will definitely add Yeti to our must-stop list for the next trip down the coast!! Such a sweet photo of your wee one :-)

  2. Beautiful images...I love chooks so i would have been out with the kids rounding them up and squealing with joy.
    Your wee B is getting so big...he has very nearly gone round the sun now.


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