Rhythm of the Home: Spring 2011 Edition

Come tiptoe with me down my garden path...

Say hello to kitty along the way...

And marvel at the bearded irises which have grown up all around the finial...

We are heading over to Rhythm of the Home... The editors of this online magazine have honored me by publishing a little something I've written. Please do come along to have a peek, and while you're there, have a good look around. Rhythm of the Home is a wonderful place to browse. You may want to allot yourself a bit of time, so pull up a comfortable garden bench, bring along a cup of tea or join me with your mug of coffee... I'll see you there!


  1. your garden looks gorgeous! I look forward to checking out your article in rhythum of the home

  2. Found you straight away; I am grateful for you x

  3. THANK YOU! what a sweet surprise I got in the mail yesterday--SO thoughtful of you! Almost made this postpartum mama tear-up...and, YAY for ROTH. Off to find your article!

  4. Dear Lacey -- You are so very welcome. Wishing many blessing to you, your new babe and all the rest of your family!


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